Reforestemos Paraguay

Our Forest Park


The park is easily reached at 57km (36 miles) from Asuncion, situated in Caacupé, capital of the department of
Cordillera, at 1 km from the Ruta 2 (highway between Asuncion and Ciudad del Este)

The Park attached to the Cerro Cristo Rey

Entrance to the park

Visitors are welcome!

The Park

Our park covers 17 hectares (68 acres) and has been fully reforested with more than 60 different native species.
Existing mature trees are utilized for seed collection and educational purposes.

Yvyra ju

Tajy pytã

Samu'ũ guasu

Yvyra pytã

A waterfall in the park after heavy rainfalls


We hope this park reflects the environmental ideal that our world deserves.
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